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social media aus make everything better lmao literally imagine the harry potter books + social media. second year someone snapchats a picture of literal death threats written on the walls in blood captioned ‘’hogwarts its the safest place in the world’ lmao bitch where??’ fourth year #potterstinks is trending locally on twitter. sixth year story gets out about harry’s conversation with snape and everybody in the gryffindor group chat changes their name to ‘roonil wazlib’ for a week. draco bitching about harry on yik yak as if the entire school doesn’t know for a fact its him. 

#in harry’s first year someone develops a snapchat filter for a lightning bolt scar and green eyes#‘there’s no need to call my sir professor’ becomes everyone’s facebook status in sixth year#also! the daily prophet as like a buzzfeed site#in fifth year there are titles like 10 Worst Lies Harry Potter Ever Told#mainly tho i want to see draco’s fake dementor fail in third year becoming a meme (kneelb4kesha)

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